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Medway Mosaics - Piecing Together Your Village's Past!

New newsletter added - find out all about what our Medway Mosaics volunteers have been up to!  If you would like to be added to the mailing list then please contact Tay Arnold on the email address below.

Have you ever been curious about your village's unique heritage?  Or do you have some discoveries of your own you'd like to share? 

Then the Medway Mosaics project needs your help!

Medway Mosaics is a new project, being launched by Valley of Visions and Kent County Council Heritage, wants to hear about all the historic gems and local mysteries from your village and of the surrounding fields, woods, tracks and paths.  We will then piece them together, like a Roman mosaic into a unique and lasting document of how we see your Parish today.


You can look at your village as a whole or concentrate on the bits that interest you the most, such as:

  • Your house

  • Historic/listed buildings

  • Local churches and churchyards

  • Veteran and ancient trees

  • Your family history

  • Industrial history

  • Military history

  • Unidentified features, lumps and bumps in the landscape

  • Expanding and checking existing entries on the Historic Environment Record (HER)


No previous experience is needed - just an enthusiasm for heritage and your local area!  We have an extensive range of resources to help you with these elements or any others that appeal.  You will receive a Guidance Pack, complete with advice on how to record a variety of features and easy to fill in forms.  An extensive programme of training courses has been arranged to teach you new skills or to help you brush up on old ones.  We can provide you with maps and records showing what is already known about your village.  And advice and assistance is available from both  Tay Arnold (VoV Community Training and Education Officer) and Kent County Council Heritage Team.

A PDF version of the recording form is available to download from below, if you would prefer a Word version then please email: medwaymosaics@vov.kentdowns.org.uk


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recording form.pdf
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