Heritage - Medway Megaliths

Medway Megaliths

The Medway Gap has an impressive collection of Neolithic remains and monuments for such a relatively small area, which are collectively known as the Medway Megaliths. This name refers principally to the well known remains of Kits Coty, Little Kits Coty, Whitehorse Stone, Coldrum Long Barrow and the Chestnuts, although there are numerous other sites of Neolithic heritage throughout the valley.

Often treated individually, there is growing interest in why these monuments are situated where they are, why they appear to show such symmetry of location, the significance of the River Medway, in short, what they mean as a collective group.

Valley of Visions is working with partners to conserve these monuments and conduct research into other Neolithic sites within the Medway Gap. This will hopefully lead to greater understanding of the Medway Megaliths, which can be conveyed to visitors through improved access and interpretation.