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Learn overview

The projects that make up the Valley of Visions Landscape Partnership Scheme present a range of opportunities for people to become involved in the unique culture, landscape and heritage of the Medway Gap. 

In order to exploit these opportunities fully a programme of comprehensive training is being offered free of charge to those who live or work within the area. The courses are far ranging and span from practical countryside skills to cultural, creative and interpretive work. 

We have learning opportunities that will benefit community groups, young people, schools, colleges and local businesses as well as the countryside staff of the area. These opportunities are designed to give people the chance to discover and develop their interests and give them the desire and motivation to engage with their landscape and heritage. The long term aim is for local people to want and be able to maintain, conserve, enhance and participate in the decisions that affect their local area.

We have a wide range of volunteering opportunities both directly with Valley of Visions and with our partners so why not have a closer look and see how you can get involved.  In 2010 we are launching our Medway Mosaics project, we need plenty of volunteers to get out and about in their local village and recording heritage features.  we have a range of events and training to support this project so come along and join in.